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How many people does the campervan accommodate?

Our campervan is for 2 people only. It has a fixed hi-top which gives great extra storage upstairs but the only bed is what they call a ‘rock n’ roll’ bed which is effectively the rear seat which pulls forward to create a 4 feet wide, 6 feet 2 inches long double bed.

How long will the electric power last which runs the lights & the fridge?

It will last about 2 days if used sensibly. The leisure battery, which provides the power for the fridge and lights when the camper is not hooked up to the mains is re-charged by driving, so being on the move will help the battery last longer. We usually stay on campsites though and if possible use the mains hook up.

Can I take my pet?

No I’m afraid we don’t allow pets.

Where do I collect & return the campervan from & to?

We’re based between Pitlochry & Blair Atholl, just off the main A9 road which runs between Perth & Inverness. We’re just in the southern boundary of the Cairngorms National Park. Our address and a map can be found on the ‘contact us’ page and we always send directions a few days before you pick up the campervan. Map here.

What do I need to bring on my holiday?

It depends on what you take as ‘optional extras’. Always bring your clothes and outdoor gear with you (boots, waterproofs etc). There is lots of storage space but remember it’s a campervan so only bring what you’ll definitely use. It’s better to pack light rather than have too much stuff cluttering up the inside of the van. Suitcases are not recommended. Bring sleeping bags or your own bedding unless you take the £20 bed linen option, which we recommend because our bedding is great and is made to fit the camper perfectly. We provide all the kitchen / cooking / washing up stuff you’ll need. You’ll just need to go shopping at some point to buy the food you’ll use.

What insurance cover is there?

We can accept drivers from 25 to 70 (inclusive). We have to be strict about this. You have to have held a full licence for at least three years and have no more than 6 points on your licence. We have to take a £500 security deposit from you to cover our insurance excess should anything go wrong. We return this very soon after you return the campervan if everything is in order.

Can I take the campervan abroad?

You can take the campervan anywhere on the UK mainland (England, Scotland & Wales) or onto the Scottish islands. The campervan is not covered to go to Northern Ireland, Ireland or continental Europe, but we figure if you’re hiring from us it’s because you want to explore the Highlands & Islands of Scotland.

Can I hire the campervan if I don’t have a UK licence?

Yes. Visitors from abroad must produce a valid unendorsed domestic driving licence or international licence as well as a passport and have a minimum of three years driving experience.

Is there a mileage restriction?


How can I pay?

Internet bank transfer is best. We provide you with our bank details when you make a booking and you transfer the funds (deposit & balance) at the appropriate times. We can also take credit card payments (only Visa or Mastercard) over the phone if necessary. We can take a cheque if it arrives at least 2 weeks before your hire dates but we can’t accept cash payments I’m afraid. We also need to take a security pre-authorisation deposit of £500 secured against either a Visa or Mastercard. This doesn’t actually remove any funds from your account but it does allow us to draw down up to £500 in the unhappy event that the campervan has been damaged and we need to make an insurance claim. The £500 covers the excess premium on our insurance policy.

Can I smoke in the campervan?

No, I’m afraid it’s a smoke free zone. You can hire the van if you’re a smoker but you just can’t smoke in the van. We’re very strict about this for the comfort of all of our guests and ourselves as we use the van too. We reserve the right to charge £200 if this rule has been infringed.


Can I do a one-way hire?

No I’m afraid we’re strictly pick up from & return to our home here in Perthshire.

Can I leave my car with you?

Yes, we have plenty of space for you to leave your car. It’s not under cover but it is safely off the road. We ask you to leave your keys with us whilst you’re away so that we can move your car if we need to or if the car alarm should unexpectedly go off. You leave it at your own risk, but as you’ll see when you get here we’re well away from any public roads.

Is there any flexibility in pick up & collection times?

We can try if you ask but we think our times are fairly relaxed so we prefer to stick to these if possible. But please do ask if your times just don’t fit your travel plans. As long as we can and you’re not adding ‘extra nights’ we normally won’t ask for additional charges.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes we can hire (£30) a tilting tow bar mounted two bike rack. It’s one of the expensive Thule ones that lets you still have access to the boot even when the bikes are on the back.

Do you hire bikes?

No, but Escape Route (http://www.escape-route.co.uk/) in Pitlochry do so you can book a bike with them and go straight there to collect once you’ve picked the campervan up from us. We love cycling and Escape Route is a great bike shop.

Can I charge my mobile phone?

Yes, via a 12v socket when you’re on the move (we provide the adapter – you bring your charging cable). And via a standard 240v three-pin socket when you’re hooked up to mains in a campsite.